Welcome to our winery, where tradition meets modern expertise, and the quality of the wine exceeds all expectations. Our cellar and winery are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment for grape processing and wine storage, providing an ideal environment for creating premium drinks.

We are proud to highlight the annual production of 3 million liters of quality and top quality wines of continental character. Our wines are a symbol of enjoyment – pleasant, drinkable, fresh and lively, with carefully preserved varietal aroma and fragrance. In addition to being available on the domestic market, our wines also win the hearts of wine lovers around the world.

vinarija mandićevac Đakovačka vina

Certificate of excellence of Đakovo wines d.d. it is reflected in numerous high awards at domestic and international exhibitions and fairs.

Our business vision is aimed at achieving brand recognition, especially in the white wine segment. Graševina and Riesling, the bearers of the further development of Đakovo wines d.d., represent top quality that results from many years of experience in the production of most continental varieties of white wines in Croatia.

vinarija mandićevac Đakovačka vina



Biskupa Antuna Mandića 71
Mandićevac, 31418 Drenje

+385 (31) 837-200